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Company Name Email Phone
The Olympian   John Canfield 360-7545407


Company Name Email Phone
Bean, Gentry, Wheeler & Peternell   Mark Wheeler 360-3572852
Phillips Burgess, PLLC   Michael Kelly 360-7423500


Company Name Email Phone
B. Lally Communications   Barbara Lally 360-5614848


Company Name Email Phone
Ron's Quality Construction Jill Warne 360-4700013

Financial Services

Company Name Email Phone
Academy Mortgage Corp   Melanie Boyajian 360-9995906
Academy Mortgage Corp   Brian Brock 360-9995906
Academy Mortgage Corp   Christel Burton 360-9995906
Academy Mortgage Corp   Jeff Devlin 360-9995906
Academy Mortgage Corp   Vickie Nunez 360-9995906
Academy Mortgage Corp   Kim Torres 360-9995906
Academy Mortgage Corp   Kim Westall 360-9995906
Axia Home Loans   Michelle Wickett 360-4590513
Bay Equity Home Loans: Christina Daniels Team   Christina Daniels 360-7533064
Caliber Home Loans Brandy Nelms 360-2801467
Fairway Independent Mortgage   Andrea McGhee 360-4913281
Fairway Independent Mortgage   Chuck Stewart 360-4913281
Fairway Independent Mortgage - Dupont Scott Collins 360-9184800
Guild Mortgage   Chris Lambert 360-4913282
Guild Mortgage   Skip Thompson 360-4913282
Heritage Bank   Scott Leingang 360-9431500
HomeStreet Bank   Jeri Ross 360-4913037
KeyBank Mortgage   Sandra Brinkerhoff 360-7096866
MLS Funding   Kyle Johnson 360-5702066
MLS Funding   Robert McLaughlin 360-5702066
MLS Funding   Brianna Newkirk 360-5702066
Olympia Federal Savings   Leah Backus 360-7543400
Olympia Federal Savings   Amanda Coic 360-7543400
Olympia Federal Savings   Sierra Keough 360-7543400
Olympia Federal Savings   Melissa Kirkeby 360-7543400
Olympia Federal Savings   Bich Pham-Hughes 360-7543400
Olympia Federal Savings   Barbara Whitlow 360-7543400
Opes Advisors, a division of Flagstor Bank   Bill Lathrop 360-8191601
Prime Lending Lacey   Becky Carver 360-3387992
Prime Lending Lacey   Hayden Hoage 360-3387992
Prime Lending Olympia Brandi Heinemeyer 360-7637691
Prime Lending Olympia Francis Soo 360-7637691
Twin Star Credit Union   Meggan Anderson 360-3579911
Twin Star Credit Union   Mark Hegg 360-3579911
Twin Star Credit Union   Peggy King 360-3579911
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage   Hope Buck 360-4863640
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage   Sandy Goforth 360-4863640
WSECU   Cynthia Halstead 360-9437911
WSECU   David Hemenway 360-9437911


Company Name Email Phone
Boggs Inspection Services   Dwayne Boggs 360-4809604
Boggs Inspection Services   Celina Iuliano 360-4809604
Cameo Home Inspection Services   Larry Stamp 360-4591632
Cameo Home Inspection Services   Renee Stamp 360-4591632
Cameo Home Inspection Services   Jim Williams 360-4591632
Cornerstone NW Inspections   Eric Corder 360-970-4882
Herron Inspection Services   Dustin Herron 360-489-5226
Pillar to Post   Brendan Marchant 360-7535025
Right Way Home Inspection   Nate Kilby 360-7049728
Watermeade Valley Home Inspection   Tom Iovanne 360-3397624
Win Home Inspection Olympia   Pete Sutch 360-7090221


Company Name Email Phone
Bakala State Farm   Melanie Bakala 360-9727905
Ronelle Funk Insurance   Ronelle Funk 360-4913367


Company Name Email Phone
1st Security Bank   Shy-Anne Haney 360-5165618

Moving Company

Company Name Email Phone
A & E Relocation Services   Phil Sandifer 360-491-2370


Company Name Email Phone
United Roofing Solutions Inc   Derrick Presley 360-9159116
United Roofing Solutions Inc   Jenn Presley 360-9159116


Company Name Email Phone
Acme Fuel Co / Fast Fuel   Sherry Milczewski 360-9431133
Budget Blinds of Lacey   Amber Snaza 360-8948130
Budget Blinds of Lacey   Randy Utting 360-8948130
Elite Cleaning of Washington   Scottiejo McNulty 360-5292277
Hometown Property Management Inc   Andrew Barkis 360-4567368
Old Republic Home Protection   Judy Frank 206-4590927
Olympic Blinds   Kathryn Simpson 360-4388600
Olympic Blinds   Brian Utley 360-4388600
Olympic Rentals Sara Black 360-878-0051
Olympic Rentals Todd Monohon 360-878-0051
Olympic Rentals Kimberly Mulligan 360-878-0051
Olympic Rentals Melissa Smith 360-878-0051
Sewercam   Clayton Ashley 360-9188077

Staging and Design

Company Name Email Phone
A Room to Improve Brad Orr 360-3382490
A Room to Improve Traci Orr 360-3382490
Design Smart Home Staging   Lisa Thompson 360-4805810

Title Company

Company Name Email Phone
Chicago Title Company   Brooke Brown 360-4567878
Chicago Title Company   Janine Ezzell 360-4567878
Chicago Title Company   Nicole Hakala 360-4567878
Chicago Title Company   Catherine Johnson 360-4567878
First American Title Company   Stacie Belman 360-4912441
First American Title Company   Trace Comas 360-4912441
First American Title Company   Mia Magpie-Sweeney 360-4912441
Stewart Title   Jennifer Casebolt 360-3523141
Stewart Title   Becca Heyl 360-3523141
Thurston County Title Company   Amanda Anderson 360-9437300
Thurston County Title Company   Anette Deines 360-9437300
Thurston County Title Company   Necia Leach 360-9437300
Thurston County Title Company   Chris Lester 360-9437300
Thurston County Title Company   Jessica Stevenson 360-9437300
WFG National Title   Cyndee Shingledecker 2537618000-