TCRA believes that providing continuing education opportunities is an important value to its members. For further education opportunities, check out the Washington Realtors® Education page.

TCRA Education Schedule 2018


*December 3     The Efficient Home Part 2-Brendan Marchant  12pm-3pm

*December 11   New Member Orientation with Code of Ethics  10:30am to 3:30pm

*December 11   NAR Code of Ethics-Mark Kitabayashi 12:30pm to 3:30pm

*December 12  Managing the Home Inspection-Dwayne Boggs  9am-12pm

*December 13   LLC’s, Proprietorships and Corporations-Ed McFerran  10am-2pm


*These classes are FREE to TCRA Members.

TCRA Education Schedule 2019


 *January 9           Grow Houses, Damp Basements and the Un-Sick House-Brendan Marchant  12pm-3pm

*January 30         Going Green-Dwayne Boggs  9am-12pm

TBD                        Professional Standards Training-Laura Murray, Washington REALTORS


*February 6        How Old Is This House?-Brendan Marchant  12pm-3pm

*February 13      Why Bad Things Happen to Good Houses-Larry Stamp  12pm-3pm

*February 14      Residential CORE– Ed McFerran University  10am-2pm

*February 20      Kitchen and Bath Appliances-Dwayne Boggs 9am-12pm


*March 6             Spotlight on Decks, Radon and Carbon Monoxide-Brendan Marchant  12pm-3pm

March 7                The Hotline vs The Bottom Line-Annie Fitzsimmons Class 9am-5pm

March 12             REALTOR Self Defense Class-Robert Owens/Lori Bailey

*March 20             Mold: What You Need to Know-Dwayne Boggs 9am-12pm


*April 10              Basic Understanding of Major Systems: Furnace, AC and Electrical Service Size-Brendan Marchant  12pm-3pm

*TBD April 11     New Members Orientation with Code of Ethics 10:30am-3:30pm

*TBD April 11     NAR Code of Ethics-Mark Kitabayashi  12:30pm-3:30pm

*April 17              Avoiding the Aggravations of Home Inspection-Dwayne Boggs 9am-12pm

*April 18              Estate Planning-Ed McFerran  10am-2pm



*May 1                 Home Inspection Essentials: What Every Broker Should Know-Larry Stamp  12pm-3pm

May 2                  VAMRES Certification Class-Michael Schoonover  8:30am-5pm

*May 8                 Spotlight on Termites and Fireplaces-Brendan Marchant  12pm-3pm

*May 15               Radon and Real Estate Transactions-Dwayne Boggs  9am-12pm



June 26                 Shoreline Basics-Amber Mikluscak  9am-12pm


*TBD August 8   New Members Orientation with Code of Ethics 10:30am-3:30pm

*TBD August 8   NAR Code of Ethics-Mark Kitabayashi  12:30pm-3:30pm

*August 13          Residential and Small Commercial Landlord Tenant Laws-Ed McFerran 10am-2pm



*September 17 How a 1031 Exchange Can Benefit You-Ed McFerran 10am-2pm

September 18    REALTOR Self Defense Class-Robert Owens/Lori Bailey



*October 9          Spotlight on Going Green, Asphalt Shingles & Renovation-Brendan Marchant  12pm-3pm

*October 15       Advanced Issues in Completing 1031 Exchanges-Ed McFerran  10am-2pm

*October 16       The Basics of Heating Systems-Dwayne Boggs  9am-12pm